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Speech Pathology Assessment & Intervention

Sessions can be home or school based programs

All therapy will target the child’s difficulty as identified by an speech pathology assessment process. Goals will be determined in collaboration with families and the needs they identify as important for them. Speech Pathology assessments can be home based programs or school/pre-school programs, and administered either as individual or group sessions. The type of therapy chosen is based on family need and availability of services.

The speech pathology assessment and intervention process may also involve collaboration with other professionals working with the child and family. Multi-disciplinary intervention helps to ensure a holistic approach is taken into consideration when addressing the child and family’s needs.


Language Screening

Pre-school and school language screening

Academic difficulty and poor literacy skills can be associated with untreated speech and language disorders. By screening young children for both speech and language disorders and delays, it is possible to prevent lifelong learning difficulties. School based screening programs will involve;

• Screening for age appropriate articulation and stimulability of speech sounds.
• Screening receptive and expressive language ability.
• Screening for age appropriate social skills and play skills.
• Screening early literacy and pre literacy skills.
• Screening for Fluency and Voice disorders.

For children identified with speech and language disorders, we will proceed to a more thorough standardised testing to establish specific areas of difficulty, which will then be targeted in therapy sessions. A formal report will be provided to parents regarding the results of these speech pathology assessments.


School Based Speech Therapy

What are the benefits of school based Speech Therapy?

Whilst parents are welcome to attend school based speech therapy sessions, we appreciate that with the busy lifestyles of families, it is often difficult for them to attend. School based speech therapy provides children with easy access to therapy in a safe familiar environment.

We aim to support teachers in the classroom by incorporating curriculum-based and teacher-identified goals within our therapy sessions.
 We are able to provide teachers with language/speech/behaviour based strategies to help facilitate learning in both the classroom and playground.

Parents will be contacted before therapy begins to discuss appropriate goals for their child. Parents will be provided with weekly feedback regarding their child’s progress in sessions, and will be given strategies to use at home to reinforce their child’s speech therapy goals.

We are able to provide small group sessions for children (grouped according to their difficulty). Group therapy is often an effective way of helping children, by learning from and supporting their peers.

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