NDIS clients can request longer plan durations

NDIS clients can request longer plan durations

NDIS participants can request plans up to 3 years

The NDIS announced last week that participants can request longer durations for their plans, up to 3 years in length.

This is will be helpful for clients whose needs will not change very much from year to year and who would prefer not to go through a shorter term review process. Per the NDIS website, it is ideal for those:

  • in a stable situation with their support needs are unlikely to change
  • confident in using their funding to achieve their goals 
  • focused on longer term goals such as learning new skills, employment or becoming more active in the community. 

If you think a longer term plan will suit you, please talk to you LAC or planner. The NDIS have also stated that your plan may still be reviewed if your circumstances change and the plan is no longer suitable.

Please see the following link for more details


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